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The Eyes of Google Earth

Another compulsive viewing, Jon Rafman's 9 eyes project - finding the beautiful, the eerie, the bizarre and the downright horrific as caught by Google Earth's cameras.  A mine for the imagination and a fractured look at the modern world, I apologise for causing you to lose the next hour of your life while you trawl through the archive... You'll thank me, I promise. (A warning: not entirely suitable for work - turns out there are a lot of hookers on Google Earth...)

Jon Rafman 9 eyes Google Earth

Jon Rafman 9 eyes Google Earth

Jon Rafman 9 eyes Google Earth

Jon Rafman 9 eyes Google Earth

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Oh crap, I'm about to be bankrupted

Answers on a postcard/in comments/via twitter on how I can somehow justify NEEDING to buy all of these, please?

Or some benevolent soul could just buy them for me. Either's cool.

For the love of literature, will someone just think of the children? By which I mean my child, specifically, who really ought to be dressed in this:

Sigh. I'm in love with the Out of Print site.

And I can procrastinate like this because I edited 5500 words today, so shuddup.

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