Review of White Lies by Phil Clement at Open Pen

In 2013, Open Pen published my story, If, Then, in issue eight of their fantastic magazine (my story is on page 9 but I trust you to read the issue and not skip ahead, you impatient little weevils). And then, towards the end of last year, they very kindly posted a review of White Lies. Thank you to Phil Clement and the editors for that - and sorry it's taken me this long to post about it. Here are a few excuses - choose your favourite: - I spend too much time swearing at people on the internet (I do get paid for this, I should add, so it's sort of important)

- I decided to finish my degree for some reason because, you know, I have SO much spare time for such things

- The number of minutes per day I am not attending to the whim of a small child can be counted on my fingers

- I've been catching up on American Horror Story on Netflix

- I find it weird and terrifying to market myself

- I forget most things in the time it takes to walk from my computer to the kettle

- Tumblr

- What was this post about again? Oh yes, a review. Here it is, if you've lasted this long.


Posted on January 17, 2015 and filed under Novel, Reviews, Short Stories, White Lies.