Creative Development for Writers & Businesses

Business Development

Whether you're a start-up, an established business, a bricks and mortar company setting up online operations, or an individual in need of a little creative support, our business development services can help you with an enthusiastic approach and plenty of great new ideas to boost your success. 

An objective perspective can be so useful when setting up or developing a business, offering a different view on problems you may have been battling with for so long you can't even see straight. Whether you need a quick burst of energy, a long-term marketing campaign or some social media inspiration, we can help you to see clearly and get a solid plan in place. 

Creative Development 

If you're a writer in the midst of an edit or struggling to plot your next novel, some gentle encouragement and a firm guiding hand will never go amiss! Creative development for writers is a great way to kick yourself up the bum and get the words flowing again.

Creative development can help you to create a watertight plot, brainstorm characters and dialogue, draft a query letter or adapt your writing into a whole new medium. One-off sessions or regular check-ins are available, and can be combined with editing services to help you polish your writing until you can see your face in it.