Wauwaa is a parenting website with a fantastically fresh outlook and a wealth of multimedia content to help new mums and dads to negotiate the world of babies. In 2013 we provided content creation, editing and business development consultation services for this lively start up in preparation for their website launch, and now blog regularly for the team. 

 Ivan Lopez, CEO of Wauwaa says:

"Our experience working with Jo has been excellent.  Her ability to adapt to our needs, provide strategic guidance and quickly deliver what is requested has made her an invaluable asset to the company.  We have tasked her with very diverse projects from website copywriting, press releases, script development, company branding, and as a regular contributor to our blog.  She has been very supportive with our social media strategy and simply a great person to work with across all areas.  All of our team enjoy the time we spend with Jo and plan to continue working with her on many different projects in the future."