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Creative Loving Spirit - Podcast with Paul Macauley

Ughhhhhhhhhh that's my face.

Ughhhhhhhhhh that's my face.

Paul Macauley - playwright, long-time Brighton Writers' Retreater, general all round good egg and brilliant conversationist - has started a podcast. It's called Creative Loving Spirit and is all about, well, exactly that. Paul interviews people from all walks of creative life about their processes, their inspiration, their challenges, and asks what compels us to 'do' art, in whatever form that might be. 

A few weeks ago he asked me to talk about my writing, about Writers' HQ, about giving yourself permission to do the creative thing you wanna do, whether one is ever ready to call oneself an 'artiste' (snarf), and a whole bunch of interesting stuff as we spent a few hours giggling and rambling in his kitchen.

Anywho, you can listen to it HERE, along with the many other fascinating (did I just call myself fascinating?) people Paul has interviewed for his show. YES, PAUL, YOU HAVE A 'SHOW' NOW. 

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In case you didn't know, I'm currently hosting Brighton Writers Retreat while our illustrious leader Sarah Lewis is off on maternity leave. 

I've been coming along to the retreat for about three years, after emailing Sarah (then, a complete stranger) with the words: "Where have you been all my life?" Since then I've been promoted from writer-in-the-corner to chief-heckler to washer-upper to second-in-command, and am now reverently holding the reins while Sarah battles gargantuan growth spurts and indulges in guiltless glorious baby-gazing. 

Brighton Writers Retreat holds a monthly procrastination-busting writing workshop, aptly named 'Stop F***ing About and Start Writing' where writers from all over the South Coast (and sometimes even further - we recently had a visitor from Canada) convene at The Writers Place to write their little fingers off. There is a never-ending supply of caffeine and biscuits, a fancy sandwich lunch, and plenty of support and inspiration from a roomful of talented scribes. The October session is fully booked, but the next retreat will be held on the 15th of November and booking is open NOW (so go do that thing).

And to tail off NaNoWriMo we're also holding an editing workshop on the 29th of November called 'what to do with a first draft'. During the session we'll be looking at redrafting, revising and how to break away from the 'shitty first draft'. Places are limited so get your name down ASAP to take part in the plot-storming awesomeness. The workshop includes lunch, refreshments, and all the encouragement you could ever need.