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Idle Hands

I have a problem. Every time I have a baby I start a new business and begin a new book. Well, by "every time" I mean: both times this has happened. Still, coincidence, or something more sinister? Perhaps a touch of "oh my god I'm enslaved by a tiny overlord and desperately need some sort of creative outlet" syndrome. Perhaps just a surge in hormones. Either way, it makes for a busy and none-too-restful life, but exciting nonetheless.

I've been sending out more book proposals, short stories and flash fiction pieces. I've started outlining my next book AND a screenplay. I've signed up to train to be an antenatal teacher/birth educator. My maternity leave ends in a mere week and I don't feel as if my feet have really touched the ground since kiddo #2 was born. Still, there's a massive smile on my face, so I'm not complaining. I'm just very ... very ... extremely ... super ... tired.

Oh yeah, and we've crept into 2012. I must have missed that too. Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

So far this year I have one shiny acceptance for a piece I wrote for the flash challenge at Show Me Your Lits (my favourite way to exercise my writing fingers/procrastinate from novel writing).

Guess who took it?

Go on, guess.

I've kind of been obsessed with getting something published there for a year and half.

They're my Holy Grail.

And I BROKE them. Finally.

SmokeLong Quarterly, baby.

<insert slow motion running along a beach, culminating in an impassioned embrace between myself and the magazine here>

My story, Lacrimosa, will be live on the website at the end of March, I'll add a linky when there is one.

So - Happy February to one and all. I have good intentions for regular blogging/submitting stories/querying and generally being A Good Writer this year, so feel free to slap me if you find me slacking.

(SmokeLong, baby! Woooooo!)

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