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Creative Loving Spirit - Podcast with Paul Macauley

Ughhhhhhhhhh that's my face.

Ughhhhhhhhhh that's my face.

Paul Macauley - playwright, long-time Brighton Writers' Retreater, general all round good egg and brilliant conversationist - has started a podcast. It's called Creative Loving Spirit and is all about, well, exactly that. Paul interviews people from all walks of creative life about their processes, their inspiration, their challenges, and asks what compels us to 'do' art, in whatever form that might be. 

A few weeks ago he asked me to talk about my writing, about Writers' HQ, about giving yourself permission to do the creative thing you wanna do, whether one is ever ready to call oneself an 'artiste' (snarf), and a whole bunch of interesting stuff as we spent a few hours giggling and rambling in his kitchen.

Anywho, you can listen to it HERE, along with the many other fascinating (did I just call myself fascinating?) people Paul has interviewed for his show. YES, PAUL, YOU HAVE A 'SHOW' NOW. 

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Two Reviews and an interview

Sort-of-kinda thinking about reading White Lies but need the encouragement of someone who's actually put in the hours first? Sounds like you need to read a review or two, son.

Fran Slater had this to say about the book in Cadaverine:

"With so much going on in White Lies, there is drama and intrigue on every page. But rather than becoming busy and complicated with so much content, the novel maintains a slick and powerful pace throughout. With almost every chapter concluding on a mini-cliffhanger, the reader is dragged through by an irresistible impetus. 

Most impressive of all, perhaps, is the fact that in a novel so full of pain and upset, Gatford manages to tell the tale with humour and make her characters likable and relatable even when they are acting questionably. It’s a novel that feels very real. A novel in which the characters are so well drawn, that you can imagine you know them. It’s a worthy winner of the Luke Bitmead Bursary, and a brilliant start to a promising career." [Read the full review here]

And the lovely author Sarah Naughton pounced on me on Twitter to warn others against the effects of reading White Lies: 

She survived, however, and then wrote this fantastic review for Families Online which has the best opening line ever:

"This is a book that grabs you by the throat and shakes you violently before finally allowing you to limp away with a crushed windpipe and post-traumatic stress." [Read the full review here]

My work here is clearly done.

AND as if that wasn't enough, my friend and awesome blogger of all things book/tea/make-up/knitting Stephanie Pomfrett took it upon herself to interview me the other week, along with a great summary of the book:

"I found it engrossing and the descriptions of Peter’s descent into himself was heartbreaking, funny and infuriating. The book also includes one of my favourite descriptive sentences of all time: part of the old people’s home is described as smelling of ‘chips and disappointment’. There were times when I wanted to strangle characters, others when I laughed and again when I felt deeply upset. There’s a lot here for a debut novel." [Read the full interview here]

There's also a handful of (ahem ahem) five star reviews hanging out on Amazon, and a few more insights at Goodreads. Thanks to everyone for their kind words - in review form, by tweet, or to my own blushing face - it's good to know that you're enjoying the book. And if you're a book blogger or reviewer and would like a copy of White Lies, please get in touch with me!

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