Read 100 Books in 2017 - AUGUST

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New Personal Best: 28 frickin' books in August! I'm now on on a grand total of 73... Helped enormously by a week away in France where I basically ate cheese, drank wine, sat in the sun and read. I'm also taking part in the Writers' HQ #sarahreads challenge in which I'm forcing my WHQ co-director Sarah conquer 10 classics she's never read. I'm only slightly better - I've only read 5 of 'em and a long time ago in my English Lit A-level days, so I'm reading along with her. We're currently 2 in and will be updating with (ever so slightly drunk) vlogs about our progress, like this somewhat scathing review of Gatsby - check out the list below if you wanna join in.

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Right, back to my August reads. 

Favourite: Gnnnaaaauughh don't make me choose. So many good ones this month. In non-fiction I absolutely LOVED Cleopatra by Stacey Schiff, closely followed by the puntastic Away With Words (Joe Berkowitz), the whistle stop tour of A Million years in a Day (Greg Jenner), and the dramatic philosophy of Impro (Keith Johnstone). In fiction, I'd highly recommend The History of Love (Nicole Krauss) and The Coward's Tale (Vanessa Gebbie) if you want to cry over beautiful words and uplifting-yet-tragic stories. It was also veerrrrry interesting (and also depressing and infuriating) to read The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas), The Color Purple (Alice Walker), and To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) back to back, which demonstrated that racial issues in America are still (obviously) very much fucking shit. 

Least Favourite: I gotta say I had very little time for The North Water, even though it was sort of a warm up for attempting yet again to read Moby Dick. I'm on a bit of a roll with not enjoying Man Booker longlisters and this did not buck the trend. See also The Many, on the nautical theme. Both books were very well written - amazing imagery and wonderful words, but I just couldn't ENGAGE and was left feeling kinda mehh. Oh, I also fucking hate The Great Gatsby (see video link above) but that's nothing new. 

Also Worth Mentioning: In desperate anticipation for Patrick Rothfuss' next instalment of the Kingkiller series, I ripped through The Slow Regard of Silent Things which made me uncommonly emotional about inanimate objects.

Next up: For the #sarahreads challenge, Frankenstein, and for my own pleasure, Brutus and Other Heroines by Harriet Walter.

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