Read 100 Books in 2017 - JULY

  • The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
  • If We Were Villains by M L Rio
  • Immortal by Gene Doucette

THREE? Is that all? Yeah, I've been busy. I'm also 3 behind schedule (even though my grand total is a pretty smug 54). But in my defence I have 15,000 words of Shakespearean dissertation to write in the next two months and one of the books I did read was a brick.

Favourite: If We Were Villains - what's not to love? A murder mystery involving a bunch of beautifully pretentious Shakespeare college students/wannabe actors. 

Least Favourite: Immortal - I mean, I still enjoyed it, but out of the three it came last. Sorry. Interesting premise (immortal guy dealing with 21st century technology as someone tries to track him down) but I kinda... drifted occasionally. 

Middle favourite: The Shadow Rising  - since there are only three, thought I'd say something about this one. So my dad bequeathed his fantasy book collection on me when he moved (and switched exclusively over to Kindle) so I've been working through these mothersuckas. I love this world, but the cover art is horrendous, which makes them a bit embarrassing to read in public. And they're all about 3 times as long as a 'normal' novel so do NOT help with the trying to read 100 books in a year thang. Ho hum.

Next up: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss - another on-the-shelf-forever book that deserves some love, and highly recommended by several trusted friends/family members. 

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