Back in...(really, was it that long ago?)...April 2013, my story about running away and breaking things, If, Then, was published in Issue 8 of Open Pen - a FREE London literary magazine whose aim is to "encourage growth within our talented, fertile, literary underbelly, by providing up-and-coming writers with a place to publish their prose in print." Well, they certainly do that. And I like the idea of being part of any kind of underbelly, especially a fertile one.

So. Open Pen is now celebrating five years in print with an anthology containing their favourite stories from the past fourteen issues, accompanied by brand new tales by each of those authors. And I am beyond chuffed to be one of them! If, Then will appear in the anthology alongside Take Off Your Shoes, an additional unpublished short.

There's an almost-funded Kickstarter running to help fund production of the anthology, so go ahead and sling some cash at that right about now, please. £3 will get you an e-book of the anthology and the paperback is available to pre-order at £8, with plenty of other pledge options in between and beyond...

Open Pen are also holding a competition for a special new micro-fiction zine dubbed ONEOFFZINE. The top three stories will be included in the anthology, and the best fifteen pieces will form a flash fiction collection. Submissions are open now, so if you can write a story of 150 words or fewer, send it to Open Pen!

Posted on September 8, 2015 and filed under Flashes, Publications, Short Stories, Subs.