Get your boots on for the Alzheimer's Memory Walk

I will be doing just that in October when I'll be marching, skipping, occasionally dancing (and possibly emulating John Cleese from a well-known ministry) along a 10k walk through Brighton & Hove in aid of the Alzheimer's Memory Walk.

Please CLICK HERE to sponsor me!

There are Memory Walk events all over England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society, providing support and special sessions for people with dementia. Find your nearest walk here if you want to join in!


I'm hoping to raise (at least) £200 for the cause, as it's one that's close to both my heart and my book, but any amount will help the Alzheimer's Society to provide help and advice to those who need it:

  • £35 could support a person with dementia to receive a one hour befriending session with a volunteer, providing them with companionship and social support
  • £50 could support five people with dementia to attend a one hour session at a Dementia Cafe, receiving information and support in a friendly and informal setting
  • £104 could allow callers from anywhere in the country to call the national Alzheimer's Society Dementia Helpline each week at their local rate
  • £200 could help run one session of Singing for the Brain, an Alzheimer's Society activity that enables people with dementia and their carers to engage in the benefits and enjoyment of structured community singing

It would be super fantastically awesome if you'd sponsor me on my 10k walk, so please *CLICK HERE to donate* and I'll keep you posted on how I get on...

Posted on August 21, 2014 and filed under Life.