The rain it raineth every day (but sometimes there is

There's a big-ass (free) story of mine up at Sundog Lit if you want to read about what a giantess might do at her human daughter's wedding. Issue 5 is pretty damn stunning all over, actually, so I'm feeling glad to be in such good company. Also to be celebrated today: SUN. After months of rain (though thankfully no catastrophic flooding where we are) there is light and ohmygosh even warmth when you turn your face towards the sky.

The littlest womb-fruit came across a patch of crocuses in a park and ran circles around them.

I bought an old cheap bike and have been braving Brighton's bike lanes to get to work in the open air.

Water has stopped seeping in along the top of our front door and into the boot of the car and through the corner of my office.

And, whisper it: it's almost March. March means spring, right? RIGHT? Tell me I'm right. Almost. We've broken the back of this wet and worthless winter, anyhow.

So. Click here to read my story: The Giantess' Daughter, and enjoy your little human-sized day.

Posted on February 18, 2014 and filed under Publications, Short Stories, Writing.