Pure Green

It's not easy being green ... except when you have a story accepted by Pure Slush and get interviewed for good measure:

The Hue Questionnaire at Pure Slush

My story, Sally Wore Two Petticoats, will be in the March issue, on the theme of 'fashion' ... the sense of which I have very little. It's the most I can do to put on clothes that fit (fairly) properly half the time.  Still, I think I have it better than poor Sally, as you will come to see.

Sally Wore Two Petticoats

And on the subject of Pure Slush (flash ... without the wank), a wonderful writing companion of mine, Stephen V. Ramey, from the online flash group, Show Me Your Lits, has recently had a collection of short stories and flash fiction published by Matt Potter at Pure Slush. It's called Glass Animals, and a beautiful creature it is too. You can buy your copy here. And I thoroughly recommend you do. I recognise a lot of the stories from their conception at SMYL, but my how they've grown... I'm planning on writing a full review once I'm all the way through, so will be posting that soon. In the meantime - go read it.

Glass Animals by Stephen V Ramey

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