This day in numbers

Words written: 0 Dogs patted: 1

Disasters averted: 5

Loads of washing laundered: 2

Loads of washing left forgotten in the machine: 2

Loads of washing cursed: 2

New baby friends cuddled: 1

Times kiddo #1 drove his ride-on truck into friend's kitchen table: 2

Bruised noses kissed: 1

Mother's day cards written: 2

Mother's day hints dropped to husband: 1

Unhappy walks in the rain: 2

Unhappy soggy children: 2

Unhappy, stressed out parents: 2

The capacity for a cup of tea to make things better: 10 out of 10

Eyedrops administered to post-laser-eye-surgeried husband: 18

Naps taken: 1

Minutes spent pondering the vocation of a novel character: 23

Eggs boiled: 4

Times an out of control rolling baby needed rescuing: 2048 (He can roll from back to front, but not front to back, which apparently royally pisses him off.)

Husbands who deserve medals: 1

Cookies consumed: 3 (They were chocolate orange ones. I have no regrets, though I do feel slightly queasy.)

Sleeping children: 2



Posted on March 18, 2012 and filed under Life.