A Decent Proposal

I've been squirreling away at my book proposal, perfecting queries, cover letters, synopses, CVs and sample chapters. My forehead has a neat QWERTY imprint from banging my head against the keyboard. My hands are clawed as if I've written 50,000 words and not a mere 500. I've said the words: conflict, crux, arc, narrative, character, protagonist and stakes so often I want to cut out my tongue. I've done a good deal of agent-stalking via Google. I've drunk a lot of tea. I'm almost there.

I'm going over my sample pages like I'm combing a wheat field for the dead body of a grasshopper.

Then I'll have five shiny proposals to post. And the average of six to eight weeks response time ... well that coincides nicely with the arrival of my 'other' baby. The, um, real baby. Which is more frightening?

Anywho, if you happen to be writing a query or synopsis or just want to spray tea out your nostrils and ruin your computer monitor, then read this guide by Chuck Wendig.

Posted on September 7, 2011 and filed under Agent Search, Novel, Writing.