'Born in a Barn' up at The Pygmy Giant

My latest story, 'Born in a Barn', is now up at The Pygmy Giant.

Thank you Pygmies/Giants, who said, "this is what I believe they call a tour de force".

I mean, shucks.

Whenever I get an acceptance, I abstain from reading my story again until it's live in the magazine, so it's a sort of surprise for me too. Today, filled with inexplicable rage, and having called the microwave something unmentionable for exploding my porridge, I read 'Born in a Barn' and felt guilty that I'd given some of my frustrated anger to my narrator. But maybe that's a life-saving thing - getting rid of portions of sociopathy via my sad little characters so that I might stop at simply swearing at my kitchen appliances.

My mother worries that I never write a happy story. But, while happiness is lovely, it's not all that interesting.



Posted on March 8, 2011 and filed under Flashes, Publications, Send help, Short Stories, Subs, Writing.