Insomnia breeds fish-slapping

Two new acceptances and a 'maybe' on a third submission. The acceptances are from The Pygmy Giant, due to be published tomorrow, and Litro, where my story will appear in the March issue in a week or two. The 'maybe' is a shortlisting for Room Magazine's fall issue. It's all gravy. I love finding prospective homes for stories - trawling Duotrope and spending hours reading back issues of lit mags. Yes, it's painful when you don't get in to the ones you love, but I'm finding these days a personal rejection - with constructive criticism and appreciation - is almost as satisfying as an acceptance. I've never understood the mindset to say: "Well fuck you then, you obviously can't see my genius!" Writing - and parenthood - has slapped me round the face with a great big fish who merrily sings: "You're not as good as you think you are, so listen to all the advice you can get, douche-bag!" This could also suggest that I need more sleep.

Oh, and happy day - I won a free cover-letter crit from BubbleCow on Facebook, who also provide a wealth of writing, querying and publishing advice on their blog, as well as this great list of writing blogs. And if you're ready for some hardcore fish-slapping writing advice, you should probably also visit Chuck at Terrible Minds. So, with links a'plenty, go forth and procrastinate.

Posted on March 7, 2011 and filed under Flashes, Publications, Short Stories, Subs, Writing.