Woop di woop! Had an acceptance from Short, Fast & Deadly the other day - will be up as part of issue 61 soonish. It's all gravy.

Also edited TWO HUNDRED pages on Sunday. Ok, it was mainly proofing, with a lot of notes. I'm going to need another few sweeps before it's ready to shop. But so far, only one major plot doozy that I need to fix. I just need distance - objectivity - space from the whole thing. It itches me. I'm nose-to-nose with the damn thing and I can't tell whether I feel proud, sick or indifferent towards it.

Still, I have to do this. Every job I've ever had has felt temporary to me - something to put up with until I can write for my supper. I can't go through life like that and never get anywhere, because that would be a tragedy that is too cliche to even write about.


Posted on November 29, 2010 and filed under Editing, Micro Fiction, Publications, Subs.