Bam! And a blog was born...

Just like that. Well, reborn. To start with it was named the overly-wordy 'The Till Monkey and the Street Sweeper'. Say that when you're half-cut and chewing on a kebab. I am an (ex) till monkey - a previous employee of a now defunct book shop, bashing numbers on a till and shelving bestsellers that would have rather have stayed trees while the general public took delight in various forms of verbal and emotional abuse. The street sweeper and I don't really know each other, but we shared a little moment of mutual misanthropy one afternoon, sitting outside the shop on a break, watching the hordes of mall-shoppers step by and around us like we were invisible. Now he kind of exists as a bearded muse, wandering through the night  distributing learned and ponderous advice from his sagely lips. Except... I'm pretty sure he didn't have a beard, worked a normal 9-5 and there was only that one moment of epiphany, and any advice written here comes through me and is likely to be utter rubbish [there's your warning, don't come crying to me if my waffling makes you confused later].

Then it was renamed 'Minstrel Monkey'. Still me, still monkeying about the place, telling stories, just a little easier on the tongue.

And now it's just me, J M Gatford, in an attempt to be all professional and that.

And this is an awful first post, isn't it?

Well, it's a bad start that can only be improved on - that's right, aim high and even your disappointments will be almost-nearly-just-about successful.

This is my place to procrastinate write about, well, writing, along with all the other things I ought to be doing, the things I want to be doing, the things I see and hear and think about while trying to juggle work/childcare/housework/creativity all at once without going insane. You can kind of see how this is going to end up, can't you? Wish me luck.

Posted on November 19, 2010 and filed under Editing, Novel, Send help, Writing.